LIAISON® Reagents

LIAISON® XL Reagents

The LIAISON® system has a large onboard reagent capability with refrigeration for up to 15 different reagent packs. The same apply as well to waste and water.
Onboard refrigeration maintains reagent packs at approximately 10 °C, thus enabling a storage life of almost 8 weeks for most packs and as long as 4 weeks for many others.

  • On board reagent cooled area
  • On board capability: 15 analytes (1500 tests)
  • Continuous loading of “reagent integrals” (recognition via barcode)
LIAISON® XL is a fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer. Highly secure traceability of all processes, status of reagents and consumables as well as all the information useful to monitor work and achieve higher effectiveness and safety quality. The novel technical solutions and components enhance the system reliability and help maximize quality: disposable pipette tips that prevent sample carryover, Clot detection, aspiration and dispensation verification and single-cavity reaction.