The LIAISON® analyser combines a flexible operating mode with a broad assay menu and leads to high efficiency due to its long walk-away time. The possibility to run up to 15 different assays at a time provides rational everyday testing even for low numbers of samples. Moreover, a throughput of up to 180 determinations per hour allows LIAISON® to cope easily with a very high volume of samples. It is easy to use due to its touch-screen monitor, clear software structure and the Reagent Integral which contains all assay-specific reagents. LIAISON® XL is a fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer. Highly secure traceability of all processes, status of reagents and consumables as well as all the information useful to monitor work and achieve higher effectiveness and safety quality. The novel technical solutions and components enhance the system reliability and help maximize quality: disposable pipette tips that prevent sample carryover, Clot detection, aspiration and dispensation verification and single-cavity reaction.