How can SMS assist in Pakistan Market?

  • Office Network Pan Pakistan
  • Marketing & Distribution
  • Complete Efficient Platform
  • Market Consultancy
  • Market Rapport
  • Bio Medical Service Setup
  • Inventory Housing
  • Cold Storage
  • Staff Training
  • Financial Capacity

Marketing & Distribution Facilities

  • Office Automation
  • Cold Storage
  • Mobile Refrigeration
  • Backup Generator
  • Emergency Delivery Arrangements
  • Training of Field Force
  • Bio Medical Service Setup

Mobile Refrigerated Trucks

We possess the mobile refrigerator trucks which are capable of maintaining temperattures, as low as -20°C to support inter-city and intra-city logistics and delivery of sensitive health care products without compromising on transport conditions.

Cold Storage

  • The maintenance of a proper cold chain system is essential for all our biological products, and most of the diagnostic products.
  • We are the pioneers, and among a few companies, which possess the true cold chain system in Pakistan.
  • Our cold storage is capable of maintaining large inventories of products at a temperature of 2°C to 8°C.
  • In case of Power Failures, a stand-by generators set is always in position to keep the products in required temperature.

Instant Supplies

Keeping in view the urgent and emergency needs of our valuable clients, we have arranged special setup t deliver the supplies at point of care or to Doctor's Chamber without delay.

Training of Field Force & Sales Personnel

  • Fully aware of technical and commercial training needs and significance to internal customers of the organization.
  • A comprehensive setup for in house advance trainings with audio visual facilities.
  • Same setup is used to deliver trainings to external customers when required.

Customer Oriented Services

Customers should get what they want, when they want it, and in the condition they expect. With dedication to customer satisfaction, SMS's Customer Service Team is available to assist with ordering and product questions. You'll find our personnel helpful, pleasant, and prompt--the best in the business.

Professional Sales Support

SMS's Professional Sales Representatives understand the different product market channels and can assist with choosing the appropriate products to modernize and simplify your offering. Our sales coverage continues to grow as new territories are added.