Liaison XL


LIAISON® XL is a fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer.

Highly secure traceability of all processes, status of reagents and consumables as well as all the information useful to monitor work and achieve higher effectiveness and safety quality.

The novel technical solutions and components enhance the system reliability and help maximize quality: disposable pipette tips that prevent sample carryover, Clot detection, aspiration and dispensation verification and single-cavity reaction cuvettes

No daily maintenance is required. The instrument informs the user when maintenance is due and monitors the scheduled needs automatically.

The reagents are ready to use with all the components included in the Integral. The high number of reagents (25 Integrals) and consumable loaded on board, reduce the operator activities and improve the walk away time. For most assays, calibrators are in the reagent Integral.

LIAISON® XL recognizes position, expiration date and lot number of reagents loaded. All the information are updated automatically during the process.

LIAISON® XL test Menu offers a wide range of immunoassay specialties and adopts a “Flash” chemiluminescence technology (CLIA) with Paramagnetic microparticle solid phase (MP). The same proven quality technology as used for LIAISON® .

LIAISON XL cleared FDA end of January 2011.

Quality in result reporting

In-process controls include 100% continuous monitoring of all critical assay processing steps, ensuring the highest quality in result reporting.

High throughput

The throughput of the LIAISON® XL ranges from 50 to 90% more than the actual throughput on LIAISON® system (assay dependent). Most 2-step assays will work at maximum throughput.

High reagent capacity

25 reagent positions allow greater reagent preparation for medium- to large-capacity customers.

High walk-away time

System gives the user an upfront estimation of the consumables on board and allows the user to increase the consumables before starting. This ensures a high walk-away time for large workloads.

Service remote access

Direct access from our central service center to the LIAISON® XL system allows customers to obtain the fastest solution possible in the event of required assistance.

Advance safety measures

Usage of single-cavity reaction modules and disposable tips to prevent carryover. Visual alarm informs users of system information even when away from the system.

Maintenance made easy

A software guided maintenance program assists the user by simplifying complex maintenance tasks and utilizing semiautomatic maintenance features.

Compatibility to LIAISON®

LIAISON® XL maintains compatibility with the current LIAISON® reagents and menu. This means that the construction, as well as the content, of almost all assays & reagents may be utilized either on the LIAISON® or the LIAISON® XL diagnostic analyzers.