NGS in diagnosis of rare and difficult-to-diagnose diseases

Genomics is a rapidly growing field that studies the genetic makeup of living organisms. With the advent of advanced DNA sequencing technology, genomics has become a crucial tool in many industries, including healthcare, agriculture, and biotechnology.

SMS is working in partnership with leading US and German sequencing labs to help medical experts with identifying difficult to diagnose and rare diseases through precise genetic testing in neurology, oncology, hematology, reproductive sciences and more areas.

With the help of NGS, medical experts are able to diagnose and treat diseases, predict an individual's response to specific drugs, and develop personalized therapies.

NGS in Lifesciences:

Another significant area where SMS is using genome sequencing is in lifescience segment, working in collaboration of genomic labs in R&D and Agriculture Sciences. Genetic sequencing enables the identification of desirable traits in plants and animals, leading to the development of more resilient crops, improved livestock breeds, and higher crop yields.

SMS Lifescience business group works with the local biotechnology industry where their R&D relies heavily on genomics.